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15gifts partners with MotionPoint to offer localised content to customers across the globe

Motionpoint Partnership

15gifts has selected MotionPoint, a translation solution for web and digital content, to deliver their guided selling engines in local languages.

In today’s market, consumers’ online expectations have never been higher. Consumers now expect a personalised shopping experience in their preferred language. As ecommerce sales continue to grow throughout 2022, organisations can look to offer a superior experience to attract and retain customers by offering content in their language.

15gifts offers a humanised online buying experience through intelligent guided selling engines that mirror the psychology principles used by in-store agents to increase online performance. The guided selling engine leads customers through a naturally evolving question journey that is personalised in real-time, responding to each customer’s unique preferences and needs, offering personalised recommendations and upsells based on their answers.

15gifts recognises that when it comes to serving customers across the globe, organisations need to offer an ecommerce experience in local languages if they want to engage customers and build trust.  To successfully offer hyper-personal experiences in local languages, 15gifts sought a partner who understood that high quality digital translation goes beyond just the translation of words.

MotionPoint is a recognised leader in translation technology that delivers localised translations at industry leading speed. By working with MotionPoint, 15gifts will seamlessly provide its unique guided selling engine to customers in, initially in German but with the opportunity to work in any language going forward. Freeing up internal resources, while offering clients the ability to maintain a local in-language experience across all digital communications.

“MotionPoint offers a seamless integration experience and excellent service. By bringing their technical expertise onboard, we have removed the complexity of localisation, meaning our internal resource is freed up to focus on what they’re good at,” said Natalie Chappin, Product Director at 15gifts. “By partnering with MotionPoint, we can be confident that we’re continuing to deliver a superior experience to our users across the world.” she added.

“We’re excited to join forces with 15Gifts and improve their clients’ customer journey.” states MotionPoint’s CEO, Tony Abena. “Like 15Gifts, MotionPoint strives for value and impact in everything we do. We’re committed to providing effortless translation solutions for web applications, web engines, and websites serving vibrant communities around the world.”

As the number of international clients steadily grows, the ability to quickly translate into any language will support the smooth rollout of localised guided selling engines to customers all over the world. The first localised engines with MotionPoint are planned to go-live in the second part of 2022.


Natalie Chappin
Natalie is 15gifts Chief Product Officer