Protecting revenue
during Covid-19

Vodafone UK

How Vodafone achieved a 46% uplift in conversion

Improving customer experience, conversion and upselling

In 2020, Vodafone partnered with 15gifts to enhance its online retail customer experience and performance. Vodafone had three core goals:

  • To enhance the overall customer experience and understand more about Vodafone prospect customers
  • To significantly improve online conversion rates
  • To recreate the success of retail in upselling customers to higher value plans and additional value adds such as insurance

“Our partnership with 15 Gifts and launch of our guided selling tool has been key in enhancing our online customer experience over the last year.

The results have been great, with more and more customers using the tool and with an increased conversion rate.

We are looking forward to working with the 15 Gifts team on how we can continue to enhance our guided selling journeys and improve customer experience”

The Results:

Vodafone met all of its goals and in the roll out phase was able to generate:

1.1 Million

highly personalised recommendations delivered to customers, creating 1 million+ detailed customer traits profiles to generate leads for Vodafone.


customers making a direct purchase, accounting for 7% of overall sales, and delivering a 40X Roi.


uplift in conversion rates for Vodafone’s most engaged customers.

Protecting revenue during Covid-19

The 15gifts solution allowed Vodafone to help protect key revenue streams during Covid-19 such as insurance services, normally driven by in store interactions, with guided selling generating a 12% uplift on the normal digital experience.

The guided selling experience was also able to align with Vodafone’s strategic goals of driving customers to more premium plans delivering an +81% uplift in customers attaching an entertainment pack as part of their purchase.

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