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Mastering the digital mix: the role of virtual sales advisors

The digital landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, offering businesses new opportunities to drive sales and boost revenue. According to Forbes, digital channels now account for over 20% of retail sales, generating $6 trillion in global direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales. Furthermore, a Harvard Business Review article states that businesses with a strong digital sales culture are more likely to achieve their targets and outperform their competitors.

However, navigating this terrain isn’t easy. This blog post takes a look at the challenges of delivering a robust digital mix, how Virtual Sales Advisors (VSAs) can play an integral role in overcoming these obstacles, and the crucial role of the human touch.

Challenges in increasing digital mix

There are numerous obstacles in the pursuit of boosting digital sales. Online platforms attract diverse users with varying demographics, interests, and purchase behaviours. Understanding these nuances and tailoring the experience to each segment can be complex and time-consuming.

Managing customer relationships in a virtual environment is also a unique challenge. Unlike physical stores, online channels require different strategies to maintain customer engagement and satisfaction. Building trust and loyalty without face-to-face interactions requires innovative approaches. Consistent branding, messaging, pricing, and service levels are necessary, which often involve sophisticated technological solutions.

Lastly, competition in the digital space is intense. With numerous businesses vying for customer attention, making your brand heard can be daunting.

To overcome these challenges, incorporating advanced analytics and data-driven decision-making into the strategy can significantly enhance digital sales and overall business performance.

Why the human touch is important

Customers today desire a remarkable digital experience and genuine human connection. However, it’s crucial to be cautious. According to McKinsey, one-third of customers find “Too much contact” frustrating. The key is to understand where human interaction is valued and focus efforts there. 

In this digital era, businesses leverage technology to expand reach and automate processes. But amidst advancements, we must remember that each transaction involves a unique individual with distinct needs, preferences, and emotions. The challenge therefore, is striking the right balance between technology and personal connection. 

While digital sales channels offer advantages, they should not replace genuine human interaction. Instead, businesses should integrate human elements into their digital strategies. By doing so, trust can be established, the customer experience can be elevated, relationships can be cultivated, and success can be achieved in the digital marketplace.

The role of a virtual sales advisor

How can businesses strike the right balance between technology and human connection to effectively achieve their digital KPIs? The emergence of AI-driven platforms, such as the Virtual Sales Advisor (VSA), offers numerous advantages.

The VSA acts as the digital equivalent of in-store sales associates, providing personalised assistance to customers across various channels. With real-time support and guidance, customers can easily find what they need, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

The VSA assists customers in finding and purchasing products online. By providing product information and recommendations based on customers’ needs, the VSA ensures a seamless transaction from start to finish.

VSA’s AI-powered tools gather valuable data and insights about customer behaviour and preferences. By understanding your target audience better, you can optimise your overall digital strategy and continuously improve your online offering.

Adopting a VSA enables an omni-channel approach to customer engagement. Whether it’s through chatbots on your website or messaging apps, the VSA engages with customers, answers their questions, and guides them through the buying process. This ensures your brand is present and impactful wherever your customers want to do business.

By elevating the customer experience and optimising the sales mix, the VSA drives revenue growth for your online store. The personalised assistance and seamless purchase process provided by the VSA lead to increased conversions and sales.

Increasing your digital sales mix and sales revenue relies on a strategic blend of customer-centric practices, technology, and data utilisation. Virtual sales advisors, like the one from 15gifts, can help you overcome the challenges and ensure your brand is present wherever your customers are. By enhancing customer experience and building solid trust, you can not only survive in the competitive ecommerce landscape but thrive.

Trudi Baker
Senior Marketing Manager