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Telco market performance in an economic downturn

The cost of living is on the rise in the US and across Europe, meaning many consumers are facing a decline in their disposable income. With more money being put towards essentials, retailers are seeing a shift in buying behaviours. From scaling back altogether, to shopping around in search of cheaper options, consumers are finding ways to ease the financial pressures.

How is the current economic climate impacting the telco market?

15gifts has been working with the telco industry for over a decade. Our partners include the largest telco providers across the UK and US, giving us the unique ability to gather insights on consumer behaviours. Using data from the 15gifts guided selling engine, we’ve summarised some of the emerging trends we’re seeing within the telco market during this time of economic recession.

These trends include:

telco continuing to be a very resilient market, despite the economic climate

customers being more considered in their buying behaviours

more customers looking for SIM only plans

greater demand for buying assistance to find cheaper alternatives

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Emily Becht
Head of Customer Analytics
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